Concordia Summit



A strategy game for world leaders.

When our friends at Javelin in Washington DC told us that we should check out Concordia and connect with them, we were interested to learn more. Quickly we came to find out that an organization of smart and talented people who were all under 40 were bringing together some of the best minds in business and in the government to solve complex problems. Together these folks were forging public-private partnerships that were having lasting impacts.

In their short history, Concordia has had audiences with Presidents Clinton and Bush, Vice President Joe Biden, Warren Buffet, Nancy Brinker, and many other leaders from around the world. Today Concordia works to address issues from human slavery, global food shortages, curing cancer, and many other global issues.

When we started work with Concordia, they needed assistance distilling what all they did as an organization. While they had loads of footage from past conferences that they held, it wasn’t shot with a creative eye. We got to work on an explainer video to inform their diverse audiences all that Concordia was involved in, and brought in 20+ videographers to start documenting all of the rich conversations taking place at their annual Summit. The following year we added an Facebook Live to their VIP lounge and hosted interviews with some of their key speakers, bringing their voices to new audiences and expanding the reach of the Summit material.

What's so great about public-private partnerships?

As they are colloquially known, P3s bring together the innovative nature of business with the financial capabilities and vast connections of governments. While for much of history businesses and governments have worked in their separate silos, a larger and broader impact to society can be achieved when the best minds are all working together towards common causes. These partnerships have been largely responsible for addressing the global battle against exstremism and are working to make social impact in many spheres.