Helping nonprofits and foundations actively build a better future through education, community, fitness, and mental health.

Community Foundations

Community Foundations are the conveners, and often the beating heart, of the communities to which they serve. We work alongside our community foundation partners to do deep-dive research on the ground, develop landscape analyses and needs assessments, and ensure our partners have the data they need to power smarter decision-making. With that data in hand, we work with communities to develop strategic plans, healthy living plans, grant-making processes, and improved feedback and co-creation processes.


In many ways, Crane + Grey began in service of improving education. Both founders of the company have worked in and alongside education-focused nonprofits for a combined two decades. High-quality, accessible, and equitable education is the foundation of the American dream and it's a promise that we've underdelivered on for too long. We continue to work closely with groups dedicated to bettering education at every level as we work together toward a more free-thinking, better-informed, and more individualized future.

Healthcare & Mental Health

With backgrounds in psychology, and a brand built on understanding decision making and the human mind, it’s no wonder that mental health and healthcare are one of our most prized verticals. We have worked with the nation's largest healthcare nonprofits, networks of hospitals and providers, and some of the most influential mental health facilities in foundations. We understand the unique challenges, legal and attitudinal, they go along side marketing in healthcare and we have shown a deft ability to navigate them.

Local Government

Whether you are driving tourism to the area, hosting or developing an event series, managing research for economic development, or trying to get the pulse of your community, we understand the inner workings and mechanisms of government. We have worked with government agencies, organizations, and local government’s to drive tourism, economic development, and reshape the way people think about their organization or municipality.


We believe in working with one’s passion. The projects we take on, the clients with whom we have relationships, are all passion projects for us. That is why the non-profit space is such a great match for what we do. You are as passionate about your work as we are ours. We uniquely understand nonprofit landscape, funding mechanisms, donor tools, and tone and messaging.

Sports & Athletics

We work with collegiate and professional sports associations and teams to help their audience understand her message and build their brand in the something powerful. We’ve also worked with startups and smaller nonprofits built around the idea of youth athletics and organized sports.