7 Deadly Sins of Strategic Planning: SLOTH

We’re excited to kick off a special 7-week series on the “7 Deadly Sins of Strategic Planning.” Each week, we’ll dive into one of these common pitfalls and explore how Crane + Grey can help your organization overcome them to create actionable, engaging, and highly effective strategic plans.

Sloth – The Telescopic Trap

The Telescopic Trap refers to the creation of strategic plans with overly broad or vague goals that lack detail and specificity.


Slothful planning leads to vague strategies that leave your team in the dark, lacking direction and the motivation to take action. Such plans often result in confusion and inefficiency, as teams struggle to understand how to work towards the stated objectives.


A strategic plan in Idaho offers the paralyzingly vague strategy: “Increase community engagement.” How? To what end? Amongst whom? These are just a few of the questions that ought to be answered. But, maybe more than anything, we should answer our “why” to guide action and encourage unity in your plan and your team.


At Crane + Grey, we combat Sloth by creating measurable and actionable strategies that provide your team with a clear direction. By breaking down overarching goals into achievable steps, we ensure your organization has a roadmap to success.

Our unique and time-tested Narrative Strategic Planning approach builds your plan around a shared story and unified vision, ensuring each idea is built on research, measurable with data, and ladders-up to the big vision of our organization.

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