Dr. Crane Portrait
Dr. Crane
Mr. Grey Portrait
Mr. Grey
Once Col. Mayer's right hand, Crane founded an empire around the human psyche.
After the West African Campaign, he found a niche in the rubber game but no audience.
Founder Grey had too long worked under the thumb of Henry Ford's Amazonian rubber monopoly. Armed with a new compound patent, a moral compass, and every cent of his savings, Grey set out to be a part of the great American tradition: competition. After just 12 years, the first World War was coming to a close and a domestic manufacturing boom saw a need for more rubber than ever. Grey's West African Rubber Company was doing well, but without the resources of someone like Ford, he needed to be more clever Just as his time under Colonel Mayer saw its end, Dr. Woodsworth Crane had his orders to return home and back to civilian life. He opted, instead, to stay in the region and look for work as he readjusted to civilian life. Crane had been the field psychologist for the British campaign for more than 8 years, having developed some new ideas that needed fleshing out. When Crane and Grey met, it was clear that they both offered something unique to the equation: Grey brought an eye for capitalism and a competitive spirit, while Crane understood the human mind and emotions and brought empiricism to the table. Applying what Crane knew about the human psyche to Grey's problem getting his message out to rubber-buyers, the two quickly formed a new endeavor together: a marketing firm was born.

Fast Forward

Jump ahead about 80 years and you'll see many of those same concepts at work. Our staff still has a deep understanding of the human mind, with an expert psychologist still at the helm of day-to-day operations. Just like Grey, we've kept our entrepreneurial spirit alive, staying at the forefront of technology and pushing the limits everyday.